St. Agnes First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion Program:

Our program here at St. Agnes is to bring the unity of the family together to receive the richness of the teachings of the Catholic Church to that we may all grow in holiness in the Body of Christ.

We will be holding a total of 4 workshops for parent(s) and child. These workshops are not only to bring all families together to share in the faith and beliefs but also to help prepare the child for these two Sacraments and the graces that will flow forth from receiving these Sacraments.

PRIOR to the FIRST WORKSHOP your child will sit down with Father John and have a short interview about Reconciliation. Parents will be notified to schedule a date and time for interview second week in December. 

All workshops will take place in St. Agnes' Religious Ed classroom. Gathering will begin at 8:45 a.m. and will end after the Sunday 10:00 a.m. Mass.

Workshop and Sacrament Dates 

 St. Agnes Confirmation Program:

The Confirmation program at St. Agnes is designed to incorporate the teachings of Jesus Christ through the Holy Scriptures, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the Liturgy, and the student's participation in service to our community. This path will prepare your son or daughter to approach the Sacrament of Confirmation with the proper disposition so that he/she may more fully activiate the graces given to by the Holy Spirit.

Confirmation students will have addtional dates added to schedule. Students are required to attend a retreat. This year's retreat will be held in March. Confirmation students will also be required to complete community service projects throughout the year.

Confirmation Mass will be at St. Agnes Church this year. 

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